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I thought I would update again this time with pics! So, for dinner I had a piece of toast (100) and tuna with veggies (200). This was a really filling meal and the veggies added on to the tuna gave it that extra flavor. I don’t really like mayo so I never buy it or use it myself in any of my meals.

Then I had a major sweet tooth, that’s a lie…I always have a sweet tooth. So I rummaged in my fridge and I found the yoplait caramel parfaits, I had two left, and I realized one expired yesterday and the other expires today. I ate both, I had too…

I also just realized that my blog is titled DENIMandDESSERT and I have not featured any of the denim I wear, and I have not baked anything. I do love dessert though, it’s just really not practical for me to bake an entire cake in college and it’s too tempting because then all I want to do is devour it. If anyone has recipes utilizing dates though I would love to see it! I have a lot of dates that I took from home and aside from eating one every morning and one before going to bed, I still have a lot and it would be nice to incorporate them into meals or something.

Also, I thought I would mention I am currently wearing a pair of Seven for All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Slimmer Jeans. I pretty much live in these jeans, they’re currently my favorite and most comfortable pair. I can also wear them with sneakers, flats, sandals, boots, wedges, and heels and they’re not too thick and not too thin so I feel fine wearing them all year. Also the wash is super dark, which I like because it is the most flattering. The only thing I wish is that the rise was a little higher. When you have a big butt and a little bit of a belly, low rise jeans don’t really look all that great because I hate muffin tops and I hate worrying that every time I sit down I am mooning the world.

So, do you have any recipes that utilize dates? And what is currently your favorite pair of jeans?

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