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Neglecting the blog

Wowowowow I have completely neglected this blog, but, I have a very good reason. I have 3 weeks of college left! And then I have finals, but all that just means that I have been extremely busy with senior activities, midterms, papers, more papers, weekly assignments etcetc so as a result I have not been taking pictures of my food or really paying attention to what I am eating. On top of all that this weekend is spring fair at our school, which means carnival food! Yesterday I had funnel cake and a lamb gyro! It was really tasty but I think all that combined with other beverages and munching gave me the worst stomachache ever.

I don’t have any pictures for today 😦 but I have also been pretty boring. I eat greek yogurt (300 with toppings) for breakfast every day, and today for lunch I had a turkey and laughing cow cheese sandwich on a roll (350) with a side of grapes (60) and a pear (80). Then I went and got some sweet potato fries (350) and some cheese on crackers (140). I might have a late night snack but that’s debatable since I need to write a 10 page paper 😦 Luckily it is pouring rain outside so I have very little incentive to go outside and get some spring fair food again.

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