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Greek Yogurt

Does this post a day after I actually write it? Hm weird. Anyways yesterday, Monday, I can’t even really remember sadly. But, I know I started my day off with Greek Yogurt, Fage brand, with some peanut butter and a few chocolate chips. I could seriously eat this for every.single.meal IT IS that good.

Today, I started off with a fage greek yogurt, chocolate chips and peanut butter (400 calories)

That lasted me until about 11am, and I had a break so I decided to get lunch. I went to Einsteins Bagels and had a plain bagel with reduced fat strawberry cream cheese (350). And I had a cup of broccoli cheddar soup (300). I used to get the bagel w/cream cheese every day freshmen year, and I was just obsessed with it. Today it tasted meh, I think the cream cheese has lost a lot of flavor and the bagels seem a lot smaller. I also bought a bag of candy by the pound, gummy worms/heath bar/malt balls, so not healthy but I am just craving chocolate lately (400). For dinner I will probably have a turkey and cheese sandwich (350) and some granola with soy milk (200)


Calorie Total







Total: 2000

That means I am over by about 800, which means I will be hitting the gym! I will probably run 2 miles and do some arm exercises 😦 I hate going to the gym.


I also just had to share, yesterday as part of one of my meals I had the Lobster Ravioli, Healthy Choice Steamer, and I have to say it was really yummy! It was more filling than I thought it would and there were a lot of ravioli pieces.

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