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Waking Up Early

I wake up every day around 7am-7:30am even though my classes are not until 1:30pm MW and Friday I don’t even have class. Whenever I have friends that wake up at 8 or 9, they are always like I woke up so early today, of course I need to nap. Ugh they can get so annoying. I prefer waking up early, but at a reasonable early. 7-9am are reasonable times to wake up, depending on what time you go to bed. I used to sleep at 3am-4am so of course I wouldn’t wake up until 10am-noon. Essentially wasting an entire day, now I wake up and just feel so much more productive because there are less distractions early in the morning. I need to start taking more pictures, but I always just make my food and eat it, never thinking to document it. I ate a banana with peanut butter on it, then I went to the gym with a friend and did the elliptical for 30minutes and left. I probably should have done more, but I just did not feel like being in the gym. Oh well, sometimes you just have those days. Then I came home and made myself a Healthy Choice Pot Sticker meal (360 calories) it was okay, I thought the sauce was too sweet for me and I wish the meal had more pot stickers instead of rice. Then for some reason I was CRAVING cheese. So, I made myself a cheese sandwich, one slice of mozzarella cheese on a roll (270 calories), and microwaved it for about 40-50 seconds. It HIT ALL the right spots. There’s something about melted cheese and warm bread that is just perfection. I have no clue what I’ll have for dinner, but now it’s time to get some work done! Papers, papers, exams, exams, papers ugh when will it end?!

What’s your favorite kind of cheese? Mine is meunster, brie, or mozzarella!


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