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Birthday Dinners

Eek so sorry for not blogging yesterday, and it was probably my yummiest food day. I had greek yogurt with banana for breakfast, followed by chocolate cake for a friends birthday, and a burger with avocado and fries on the side. Then as a late night food I had some Indian food, samosas included, for going to my friends acapella show to support her. I also snacked on pineapples, candy, and cheese all day. That all just means I ate A LOT yesterday and I feel it today. My friend was celebrating her birthday yesterday, April 9, even though her birthday was in late March. What is your opinion on celebrating your birthday weeks after your actual birthday? For me I think it’s silly, I know everyone wants to celebrate their birthdays but WEEKS after your birthday serves way less meaning and purpose and just seems like a call for attention or presents. Maybe that’s just me because initially I am not big on celebrating birthdays anyways.

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