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Sorry I did not blog yesterday and seemed to have just fallen off the wagon. Yesterday was a good food day, I can’t remember what I ate, I do remember eating cottage cheese with apple slices. What’s your opinion on cottage cheese? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? I know a lot of people don’t like it because of the texture, but I love it.

Today I walked four miles! My friend and I walked all the way to this restaurant, Miss Shirley’s, and I wish I had taken pictures. I had a smoked turkey, brie, apple slices, honey mustard on ciabatta bread sandwich with a small cup of Maryland Crab soup. We also shared sweet potato fries. Honestly the sandwich was mediocre, the bread tasted old and I didn’t think there was a lot of turkey in the sandwich. Maybe one slice of turkey and two VERY thin pieces of apple, and there was one thin slice of brie. For $14 i thought there would be more to the sandwich like more turkey slices, or a bigger chunk of brie. But, there wasn’t and I think in the end that is why I was so dissatisfied. The best part of the meal were the sweet potato fries and the sauces that came with it. They matched perfectly with the sweet taste and created a perfect balance between sweet and savory. We then walked to Red Mango and got frozen yogurt. I got the dark chocolate with chocolate chips, and I have to say hands on my favorite frozen yogurt place is Yogurtland back home in California. This one didn’t taste like dark chocolate and it tasted more like soft serve ice cream than frozen yogurt. Overall, a disappointment with my meal today.

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