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I gained 1.5lbs just because of yesterdays terrible eating habits, granted a good chunk of it is probably water weight but 😦 For breakfast I had a Fudge Shoppe Jumbo Peanut Butter Stick thing, and I would post pictures except now I am officially late for class.


So my class was boring, what else is new when a class is at 8 in the morning! In the middle of class I got really hungry and had a granola bar that was 140 calories. Then i went to my next class, and since we weren’t going to get our hw back, I left during the break. Then I came back to my room and made myself some lunch, steak and veggies (300 calories) and had a Ritz Crackerful (130 calories) to get me through until 3pm. ugh I hate long classes, and going to class. Do you prefer having a short class multiple times a week, or just one long lecture once a week?

Sorry I don’t have pictures, I devoured everything and remembering to take pictures is a lot harder than I thought.

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