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It was a fishy day…

Although it is only 6pm I have already eaten lunch and dinner and dessert…I think I’ll have to consider Mondays my off days regarding my diet.

For lunch I had sushi. I had this roll called the Manhattan Roll, I think it’s shrimp tempura and avocado inside the roll, and then on top of the roll is tuna and spicy sauce.

I would say this is about 600 calories, just because it was shrimp tempura and the avocado are high in calories


Then I went to my boring class, we have a presentation coming up, so over it with my senioritis and I am just about ready to graduate! Unsurprisingly this one sushi roll did not fill me up, so my friend and I went and had dinner. We went to Ruby Tuesday’s, probably one of the unhealthiest restaurants out there. I tried to be healthy though! I forgot to take pictures though 😦 I am still getting used to this. I had the grilled salmon (300), mashed potatoes (170), cauliflower (140) and a cupcake (290).

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of what I was wearing, but, I was wearing an olive green 3/4 sleeve shirt and dark skinnies by Seven for All Mankind, and a pair of Kenneth Cole sandals. It was a beautiful day outside today, perfect weather, which is so nice because it has been raining a lot.


Calorie Total For the Day:

Ritz Crackerfuls (130)

Yoplait Parfait (100)

Sushi (600)

Grilled Salmon (300)

Mashed Potatoes (170)

Cauliflower (140)

Cupcake (285)

Total: 1695 eek I am VERY over. I probably should not have gotten the cupcake, or I should have gotten a roll not made with tempura. But, I guess it is a learning journey.

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